How much weight can I lose by friday?

We’ve all done it- postponed the weight loss until we have only a month, a week, a few days left until the self-imposed deadline we have set. Sometimes it’s for a holiday, a birthday, or some other special occasion. Other times, just the start of summer is enough to get us running for the hills( or the treadmills).

Then we realise we’ve left it too late, and resort to the ridiculous, bizarre and sometimes unsafe methods to shake those last few kilograms. Even those of us in the industry often succumb to laziness and neglect, and its all too tempting to go over to the dark side!

Then the topic of fat burners raises its ugly, albeit skinny, head. I was asked about fat burners today and seeing as how I haven’t been in the market for them for a while, I had to do some research before I could offer an answer. If anyone out there has tried that recently, you’ll know that you are entering a minefield.

Firstly, the majority of the info out there is supplied in the form of advertisements either by the product maker, or by those stocking the products. We all know how objective this information would be, right? Everyone is touting their product as the best, the supplement shops list all the products available with no indication of which ones work, or might be harmful for certain people.

The reason I have not been in the market for these is that I have a thyroid condition which can be irreversibly damaged by stimulants. Most successful fat burners contain stimulants. They work on the central nervous system and if not used with care, can cause long term damage to your metabolism. This is why most companies recommend you “cycle” your fat burners, taking a few days off in between each cycle, giving your body a chance to reset.

After a whole lot of research which turned up, well, nothing, I’ve decided to go the old fashioned route. I’m sticking to a low GL diet, adding some weight training to my programme to build lean muscle, and throwing in some interval cardio sessions.

How much weight will I lose by friday? Not much, today is already thursday! But by next friday, I will be 8 days into my healthier eating plan and setting myself up for a lifetime of weight management, not weight gain followed by weight loss. And I’ll be looking good in time for
summer !


About sapphirewellness

I am a professional health coach, wellness programme manager and Pilates instructor. I will use my blog to keep my clients and other interested people up to date on healthy lifestyle tips and also to inform about what my business (Sapphire Professional Wellness Solutions) is getting up to. We work hand in hand with other health professionals to give holistic solutions to hectic lifestyles.
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