Take action now

A point well made. Very little is ever achieved while sitting. Get up, make the change you want to see.


“No one has ever stumbled onto an opportunity while sitting down. Go ahead; try to stumble while you sit.”

Life offers us many new ideas, plans and directions. We process, we think, we plan, we decide, we even dream and then ….. we tend  ….. to wait.

We wait for the “time to be right” or “a sign” of some sorts. We make excuses and justify our fears – all nicely bubble wrapped in words like “security” or “risky”. We opt for comfort, familiarity and safety while knowing full well that these options make us miss out or even give up. We get caught up in the chaos, we become too busy and we call it “adapting” to our lives. 

There is no safety – there is only you limiting what’s possible. Life in itself is a risky business.  To be alive is to be at risk, to be free is to be at risk, and…

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About sapphirewellness

I am a professional health coach, wellness programme manager and Pilates instructor. I will use my blog to keep my clients and other interested people up to date on healthy lifestyle tips and also to inform about what my business (Sapphire Professional Wellness Solutions) is getting up to. We work hand in hand with other health professionals to give holistic solutions to hectic lifestyles.
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